The Graph and it’s insane run to the top 50

2 min readDec 21, 2020


I assume everyone would be wondering what this Graph is about and how did it make it to the top 50 market cap just after the listing.

So let me explain what it is and why it happened, The Graph is an indexing protocol for making the query searches faster in Ethereum and IPFS networks.

Why is The Graph critical to Web3?

The Graph is like the google for the web 3 development where no matter what stuff you are building you would need to reach out to The Graph for the indexed data which will make your development life easier and cut down costs related to that aspect.

Thus there were almost 10 billion queries in Graph which can happen only with GRT tokens so yeah so everyone who wants to participate in the ecosystem are buying the tokens thus making it the market cap which you are seeing now

How do you see The Graph protocol and subgraphs evolving in the future?

I would like the Graph and subgraphs evolving already where they are trying to bring in unique data while being called I just wonder the future development would be in the following.

Making the query more dynamic and easier to code maybe with drag and drop based system to develop schemas for the subgraphs thus making anyone with logical knowledge code rather than depending on coding or syntax language

This will make it the first such blockchain product to do so in the decentralized marketplace of things thus causing more involvement of people rather than their current nature of running away after seeing complex systems.

The current valuation os the project is still considering there are lot more adoption which are planned to be followed soon.




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